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There are ways to find out who your customers are and all about their demographics. We will give you a quick overview on how to connect with your customers and get/use this information to market to the right people on the right platform.


Company dashboards are becoming more popular. It's a quick way to view live data in the form of graphs and charts that are meaningful to your business or organization. These graphs may be connected to dynamic or static data sources.


Your domain name will need to be secured as soon as possible. Most website hosting includes the domain name for free. It is used as the web address to your website. For example, the domain for this website is

Email Setup

Stay connected to people who are interested in your products and/or services by building an email list automatically. You will then be able to launch daily, weekly or monthly email campaigns when you want to let potential customers know what's going on with your business like new products/services, sales, discounts, etc.

Landing Pages

Landing pages can be very useful if you want to direct traffic to a specific location on your website. When used correctly they can help to increase sells.

Pop-up Content

These pop-up boxes are great for quickly collecting information from your customer. They can also be informational and encourage your website viewer to make a purchase.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants their website to be at the top of Google and other search engine searches. Making sure your website is optimized will help it come up in more searches when potential customers are searching for something that you offer.

Social Media Pages

A lot of business is done on social media and those numbers are likely to increase. We will work with you to make sure you have social media pages set up correctly on the most popular sites.


We provide videos for commercials, websites, events, funerals, and more. Contact us for customized prices on these services.

Web Pages

We offer different website packages. Some are for 1 - 5 pages and some are for 6 - 10 pages. If you need a website with more pages (for example if your business has 100 products, you will need a page for each product), contact us for customized prices.

Website Consultation

Consultation is included in each website package. We will chat with you to get a full understanding of your website needs. We also offer a consultation session for those who already have websites. We will work with you to see what upgrades are needed.

Website Design

We work with platforms that have templates and then we customize the templates to meet the needs of your business or organization. Hosting and domain fees are not included in package prices.

Website Maintenance

Already have a website? We will update your current website. We can update content like information, pictures, videos, etc.

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